Silver gelatin print on baryt paper, series of 2, each 30 x 24 cm. Edition of 2 + 1AP. 2013

If there is a single source of a story and a deity of a story, it is this long chain of people.

"An age-old story is a door. Like a mirror door of the inner ear, the spoken word penetrates us and makes it echo in the underground corridors of our psyche. "The healing medicine of history does not exist in a vacuum. It cannot exist apart from its spiritual origin. You cannot take them in without completely devoting yourself to them. The story has an integrity that comes from the real life lived in it. A story becomes clear when you grow up in it. " ( Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Die Wolfsfrau, Wilhelm Heyne Verlag, 1993. S. 521)

"LA BARBE BLEUE" is a photo series consisting of analog photographs of long-term exposures and double exposures. It is based on the French version of the folk tale of the evil Count Bluebeard. Driven by curiosity, the seventh wife of Bluebeard makes the fearful and painful discovery of the nature of her deadly predator. She locks the key that led to the discovery in her wardrobe. It is magically producing an endless stream of blood.

The story of Bluebeard and the awakening virgin soul of a woman describes a radical process of transformation in the female psyche, a myth of secession and the power of re-integration of its fragmented parts.

With intuition, a ‘psycho-archaeological’ snapshot was created by means of the photo series.

Stories are medicine. Whenever a fairy tale is told, it will be night.